Thursday, March 4, 2010

Movie Night Library...A Good Watch.

Can I just say...this movie is a super sleeper HIT! I can't believe how many people have not heard of this movie! If you are one of those folks...well let me introduce you to "A Good Year".
Set in Provence, France; this lovely film is at once not just because of the wine you'll be instantly inspired to crack open. On the contrary. Starring Russell Crowe (Gladiator) and Marion Cotillard (Edith Piaf) this is a very playful film. I must add that Albert Finney and a lovely cast of colorful characters adds to the talented couple. Set in present day Maximillian Skinner (Crowe) harkens back to yesteryear growing up on his uncles' vinyard. Now an adult business mogel, Max is all about money....and shortchanging the other guy. He learns a few lessons about how to treat folks when he learns of his uncles' death, and his inheritance of the seemingly defunct vinyard.
Released in 2006, and rated PG-13, there are a few language faux pauxs...but I was able to get over those. The morals slid a bit....but I think that it shows how Max is growing in his appreciation of the most precious pleasures...being LIFE.
I'm always surprised to pull this movie out of my collection and watch it again...I'm instantly charmed by the hilarity of Max's life situations! Just wait till you see the parking lot scene! :o) Also, I'm sentimental when I live the flashbacks with Max...oh Uncle Henry. You will laugh until your sides are in pain, and you will tear up smiling at memories. If nothing else the designer in you ( like me!) will marvel at all the sets, architecture both modern and vintage, and scenery. All of this is captured by Ridley Scott, who is a master film maker. As a cherry on will LOVE the soundtrack!
When you've enjoyed yourself, and your wine to the final drip...make sure you look into the special features to see Russel Crowe and his band do an interesting music video...yeah, who knew?!?!?

Your hubby will absolutely watch this movie with may look a bit romantic and girly...but I can guarantee you that your man will totally "get" Max. Trust me.

I'd love to hear your thoughts when you watch it....or any thoughts from you if you already have.
"A Good Year" is a Great Movie Night!
:o) Trish


  1. Time to start a list - I love it! I never can think of movies to rent when I get to the store - Now I'll just pull out my *RTB list (*recommended by Trish Brink!)

  2. Yeah, you know it....this one's for you baby! :o) And a ton of other people!!! Like my lovely sista!


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