Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nesting Creativity...

Here is a fun tray I've gotten jiggy with! I am gearing up you know...nesting and crafting are high priorities at the moment. I loved whipping out this tray the other day.  Right now it's holding some earring crafting supplies...but this fun little lovely may end up finding a home at Grandiflora or the Craft and Antique show....hmmmmm....Can I part with it? It turned out SOOO cute, no? You simply HAVE to see the before... sentiments exactly! The back ground color was awesome though, so I gave it a makeover! Don't get me wrong, I adore ducks in the wild...but on my tray? I don't think so.
I used some of the sweet ribbon we got in at the store ( Grandiflora ) recently. I also used some of my little vintage owl beads, and some lovely Amy Butler papers. I think this little cutie would be adorable used  for pocket change or jewlery on a dresser or vanity. Maybe mine....maybe yours...we'll see if I can part with it by the show. By the way, go and see Grandiflora featured on The Spring Craft and Antique show's blog.
Thank you Judy, Trudy, and Linda for featuring us! We appreciate all the lovely things you had to say about us....we are so happy to be a part of the Lynden/Whatcom area...We HEART our customers...especially when they are out having a good day at the store laughing and shopping together as friends.
The coolest part of all this nesting/crafting time? My sons came running in to bring this lovely nature prize they found out on a "hunt" in the woods. Fitting that it was a nest huh? I had to snap a shot of it....and I had to drill dad to make sure they hadn't taken it before it was finished being used. No problem there the cracked eggs were already laying on the ground...whew!!! Our gain then, now I need to go grab a cloche/bell jar at the store to put this beauty under. Creation is beautiful, no?
Hope you are able to create something lovely for yourself today...even if it's just creating a little time to get out into God's Creation...make time, it's worth it!
Trish :o)

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