Monday, April 19, 2010


Ok, so  I must reveal that I'm working rogue undercover on my days off to smack a little life back into my living and dining area. Don't get me wrong...I love the basic look of what I've got going on here, and Lord knows these photos are floating all over the web lately....I guess I should be proud of that...I am.....a little more than stunned to think so many like my randomness in decor as much as I do. I'm just BORED!!!!!
Everything you see here is very basic. I love that. You know why I love that???? Because I can CHANGE IT WHENEVER I WANT TO!!! YIPPEEE!!!!!!! I think I've decided to keep mostly every piece of furniture...but some are going to be shifting around, and maybe getting a paint job or two.

I've had a wild awakening lately....I just want things DIFFERENT! Now, that being said....I am a very busy lady with a hubby, two small boys, a brick and mortar shop (Grandiflora)....3 etsy sites, and a few design clients I'm trying to finish projects with. Don't forget I'm addicted to yeah....there's that....well, anyway...I'm BUSY! What the world am I thinking about reworking my space for???
Frankly...because I HAVE creative insides are yelling "THIS ISN'T YOU ANYMORE! YOU ARE SOMEONE ELSE NOW! CAN'T YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE??? YOU NEED A CHANGE OR YOU'LL GO INSANE!" Unfortunately it didn't tell me who I am now....and what it is I really want to be. Creative guts can be that way you know....spiteful things that they are!!! ;o)

Needless to say, I'm going for it. Here are the "befores". Now you'll just have to be patient and wait for the "afters". I promise I will try not to make you wait too long....but it could be awhile...I will need plenty of encouragement and well wishes from you my blog friends. I want to hear all about what makes you want to redecorate. Do you get the THUNDERCLAP like I do? or do you get more of a light drizzle? I need to hear from you people....I need encouragement! I need to know that you are out there comiserating (sp?) with me....are you in the same boat? Do you want to sit and whine with me??? Do you know what you want? Are you on a miniscule budget like me? WELL, let me know all about it!

I hope you are all doing well out there in blog land and reality as well. I really appreciate having such lovely friends to chat with and bounce things off of. Well, I'd better go and dream up some great "afters" so I'll have something to about! :)


  1. Trisha,
    I would LOVE to decorate; to create a new nest, to surround myself with favorite colors....but alas, my house is on the market and everyone says to clean up, clear out and put away. Many of my favorite things are packed away in boxes and I am miserable. Is that whiny enough? :) That's why your blog and others cheer me up and give me a place to get my dose of color and design.
    I'm an artist and have my paints, but I NEED my home to reflect that. Sigh.
    Thank you for your lovely place. It's quite cheery! Oh and have fun on your 'afters'.

  2. OH Jennifer! I feel for you! I've been there...I think the worst part about having your home listed is having to keep it clean all the time! :) I mean...I know it's nice to keep your house clean all the time, but that clean??? Yuck! I'd rather be making some sort of creative mess somewhere!! Tee hee hee! :o)

    I will keep you in mind as I'm doing my posts...I promise to keep it lovely, colorful, and interesting, so you can divulge in the photos until you get to your new place. My best advice to you is this: at least we are not living in a place like Haiti where everything and everyone we know are destroyed. Life could be so much worse right? That being said, I hope you can find some creative comfort in your painting and even my little ol' blog. May your house sell soon! :o) Cheers!

  3. Okay - now you've blogged it - get going!! We're waiting for the "AFTERS". I'm kind of getting the bug - but I haven't even been here 2 years. I think someone might strangle me if I started redecorating!!! Maybe I just need to go outside and tackle the weed garden?!?!?

  4. I love that first picture of the vintage map such a cute vignette. I am such an old map lover.


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