Sunday, April 18, 2010

What the World Needs Now: Some Light on the Situation!

Well, as you know...I love to go junkin'....and this past week was no exception. I try to go at least once a week to find treasures. I was SO EXCITED to find this little lovely! I was going to use this in my living room but....
It is very possible that the boys may end up confiscating it for their bedroom! Because....
It's a LAMP!!! I just love these don't you? It made me think that "What the world needs now is LIGHT".  Here is my thought for Sunday: Jesus is the LIGHT of the world....and we need to be a reflection of that. If we were all committed to that? Well....the world would just glow wouldn't it? Hmmmmm.....I've got alot of work to do in this department. How about you?

Life truly is a challenge isn't it?
Happy Weekend!
Trish :)


  1. Love it! What a great example of "Jesus is the Light of the world." And He is...I am finding that if we try to always show we are happy, people notice that there is something special in our life. Have a great Sunday.

  2. It looks like the one Randy's parents gave us years ago for Christmas - who knows it could be the very same on - yup - lights and all!


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