Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cherishing Tristan and Elliot on a Children's Hospital Day

They grow up so fast!!!
Especially the younger ones; I've been so busy running after the bigger one, that I can't really remember the little one getting this big!
I think they are perfect for eachother...opposites seem to always attract!
Thanks to the Lord for giving us such wonderful boys!
Tristan and Elliot, mommy and daddy love you very much!

Heading off to Children's Hospital today for more tests and check ups for my oldest son Tristan. He has Linear Schleroderma and has been having some complications lately with his muscles and skin (this disease is inherently Rheumatic ). Please consider a little prayer for us today for good news, safe travel, and happy times. Thanks so much, you ladies are the best blog buddies ever! :o)


  1. Oh, you bet without a doubt. My prayers are with Tristan, you and your family. Your boys are so cute.

    Have a blessed day.

    BTW, love your blog and your playlist is just making me sway with After Midnight and soothing me with Georgiana, great taste in music girly, love it.

  2. Love those boys!! Opposites attract - kind of like you and Chad - oh yeah - and mini yous - Tristan and Elliot!!!! :-) Hope you got to enjoy the sunshine outside somewhere along the way.


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