Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flickr Pickr: Constance, My Dream Summer Caravan Trip!

Ok, so as you know my house is a pit, I've got stuff everywhere....and spray paint on my hands. SO, I decided to inspire you with a little Flickr Fun....rather than showing the utter chaos here!

I am totally in love with Snail Trail in the UK!!! They buy old "caravans" (don't you dare call them trailers!!!) and fix them up in the cutey-patooteyest way!!! You have to go check them out! It will be like the little bit of gypsy-hippy-chick in you took a trip accross the pond and fell in love with bunting, granny square afghans, and the Union Jack! I can picture myself now.... looking out over the briny sea taking a sip of tea and munching on biscuits from a tin!

Oi! ar' you list'nin!?!?! I said: I wan ta see ya 'it da bloomin' link!!! You, muy friend ar a needin' some time away from it awl!

See ya in Tiparary!
Tee hee hee!
T. :o)


  1. That little cottage on wheels is so you Trish!
    Happy dreaming:)

  2. It is so cute and so cozy looking.

  3. Hey, if you're going to dream....dream big!!! :o) Hee hee hee!

    Marla, you are is SOOOOO me! :o)

    Janice...if you read this...please know that I'm speaking with a Cockney accent right now! Haaa haaa haaa!!! Oi! Did ya 'ear me???

  4. I was just getting ready to accuse you of even typing with an accent - and there were your words to me! Please lose this one before work today :-) Would one of these little number look adorable in the garden area at work or what???? We could serve tea and scones from it!! Der now mate - thata be sumpthin you can be'a dreamin' bout!!!


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