Friday, May 14, 2010

A Gift For Encouraging the Craft: My Hubby Rocks!

My Husband is a great guy! He was so thoughtful this past Mother's Day. Even though sometimes our house is in complete disarray from all of my crafting frenzies...he still wants to encourage me in my crafting. He took the time to help my little boys ( 6 and 4 ) to get me two new crafting books from Martha Stewart. So, even though I don't think I'll ever be able to achieve Martha Stewart-ness....nor am I sure that I want to....I thought I'd share a little sneek peek into the books.

Front Covers.

Back Covers.

Inside the Crafting book: Everyone can use this's full of lovely ideas for all skill levels!

I love all of these quilling ideas are looking really fun to me right now!

I was also really happy with the sewing and fabric crafting book. I already make lots of things with wool....but there are some really cute inspirations in here that I hadn't seen before.

Who knows...maybe I'll get inspired to start making my own clothes! Ha!!!

Making things for the home is alot more likely for me!

So, now I have my work cut out for me....but that's ok. I really love crafting! I'm so glad I've trained my hubby to know that I don't want cut (dead) flowers for gifts....or chocolates or something like that. I've been known to kill flowering hanging baskets by not watering them ( I hate watering! If it isn't planted in the ground and survive off of rainwater...then it doesn't belong in my yard! :o) so, he's figured me out. That is a good hubby/dad for ya. He was really listening to me when I was going on and ON over at Barnes and Noble a few months ago!!! Yay Chad! I love you hunny...and thanks to my little cutie patooties for wrapping the books up so cute in their fingerpainting artwork! (Wish I had a photo...but we shredded it as we were opening them!)

Well, what did you get/give for Mother's Day??? I hope it was great and really reflected you/her. I'd love to hear about it!

Happy Weekend ladies!
Trish :o)


  1. Hi Trisha,

    I just read your sweet post over at Simply Hue - thank you, so very much. I'm delighted when I hear about retailers who carry my work as it brings our world just a bit closer, plus I get to learn about another place to shop!

    So, I'm supposed to be housecleaning this morning, but, hah! I think I shall visit Grandflora instead (LOVE the name)and your etsy site.

    Enjoy a wonderfully blessed & creative weekend.

    Terri Conrad

  2. My husband built me an adirondack chair (His first ever!). I love it when He is thinking of me...hmmmm...maybe I need to start thinking about Father's Day. I'll post my chair soon on my blog:
    Love your ideas and I'm inspired...


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