Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's In Your Pantry?

Ok, I know this is a bit random and all. But recently I was challenged by a Flickr Friend to show what was in my larder...or pantry. Well, This is it. Other than the fact that I tried to organize it a bit for the shot...this really is what's in my little cupboard right now! Obviously Tea, decorated cupcakes with sprinkles in various colors, and a little drop of liquor once in a blue moon is my choice for survival. Hmmmmm....what exactly does this say about me??? I guess it says that I was too ashamed to take photos of all the Kraft Macaroni and cheese boxes that fill my regular cupboards right now!!! :o) One cannot live on martinis and cupcakes alone you must have substance like hot dogs and mac and cheese!!!

Tee hee hee!
What's in your pantry cupboards right now??? Are you willing to admit??? Or even more bravely...take a photo??? to hear from you on this one!
Trish :o) 

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  1. Happy weekend to you.
    here's mine:


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