Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Time To Show You My Shop: Grandiflora!

I think it's time I show you my shop: Grandiflora!!!

It all started about 10 years ago in the year 1999.

My mother (Jan) and my two older sisters ( Carrie and La Von) and I were having fun junkin' and paintin' and sellin' things at local antique shops and shows....when one day I was driving down the road and saw this old rickety building for sale. I had driven by it thousands of times in my life....but THAT day it was FOR SALE!!! It happened to be the local Masonic Lodge. It was in horrible disrepair, but as with anything in our had promise, good bones, and last but not was calling out to be rescued! I went over to my folks for a cup of coffee....spoke to my dad and mom about how it would be such a cool place for a shop....and within 3 hours we had toured the building and made an offer on it! My folks have a great eye for remodeling and after about 12 months of waiting, working, and praying....we opened what is now called Grandiflora Home and Garden!

We are about ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary this fall!!! Since then we have sold mulitudes of goods to many a person....with over 5,000 square feet of retail space there is always something for everyone!

We have everything for the home that is decorative. We also carry fun accessories like jewelry and scarves.

I love all the silk greens and florals. Candles are a number one seller for us too.

You never know what you will find when you walk into the is always changing! My sister La Von is in charge of the floor displays....she is such a hard worker and with the help of some really great employees with tons of display talent....the store just ROCKS!

I'm the lucky girl in charge of buying!!! Ooohhhh it is so much fun to go on buying trips! It's hard work too! La Von and I do most of the buying together, as we work very closely together to get just the right mix out on the floor. ( My sister Carrie retired last year from the business)

The other challenging thing I get to do is all the advertising and internet stuff. As a matter of fact, I'd like to invite you over to our blog
The link is also on my blog.
Janice, our office manager does a great job of writing for the blog...and I get to take the photos (like those you see here). There is so much to do at the store...and thankfully  Kim, Janice,Val, Taryn, Emily, Colleen, Renate, and Abby all do such a great job on our behalf. They are called Grandiflora Girls, and they happily go about their business helping customers find just the right thing for themselves or a gift. We are so blessed to have such a lovely crew...we couldn't do it without them!

However....the greatest amount of thanks will always go to our mom, Jan. This is a fairly recent photo of her at a store party for our sister Carrie's early retirement. Our mom is the reason we've been able to do any of this Grandiflora Stuff! If it weren't for her bringing us up with appreciation for antiquing and thrifting with a creative eye...well, we wouldn't be here. She also takes care of our kids so we can work. She is the "silent partner" who encourages us from the sidelines....picks up after us...and generally makes it so we can function at the store. She is the ultimate unsung hero in our retail endeavors...and since it's Mother's Day week...I'd like to say "Thanks mom, you've been a trooper through thick and thin at Grandiflora. Thanks for making our dreams come true. We really appreciate all that you do for us; we love you!"

So, if you happen to be driving between Seattle, Washington USA and Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, stop by sweet little Lynden, Wa (just 5 miles south of the border) and see us at Grandiflora Home and Garden! We look forward to seeing you, and I hope you enjoy yourself in the store with what we call: Retail Therapy.

Trish :o)


  1. those things are just lovely!

  2. What a shame I live on the other side of the world!


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