Monday, May 10, 2010

Greetings, My Creative Lovelies!

Greetings! I hope you had a wonderful weekend with Mother's Day and all! It was so nice to kick back and relax in the sunshine. I spent a bit of time on Saturday playing around with different settings on the camera... some crazy fun stuff around the house and recently thrifted items. As you can see by the photo above....I like to play! :o)
I found this lovley little Geisha out thrifting one day and had to have her for .95 cents. We've had lots of fun playing together!!! She is a wonderful model for photos...she just keeps on smilin'!!! Well, I know it sometimes seems a little random over here on Trisha Brink Design....but what you may not connect together from crazy photos like these....that when I'm doing this "random" stuff....that seems a bit crazy at times....I'll admit....what I'm really doing is excersize for my creative mind. Believe it or not, this really works for me. Working with something as silly as paper drink umbrellas and plasitc aliens from the boys' junk drawer really works my brain over. I also am learning more everyday how to utilize all the settings on my camera...and therefore becomming a better photographer and stylist.

I hope you have a good time just playin' with your craft sometimes! I'd actually LOVE to hear about it. Why don't you give us an idea of what you do to inspire your own creativity. You may just be the inspiration someone needs to get started creating!

Have a great week my lovelies,
Trish :o)

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