Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Etsy Take Five Tuesday Yesterday on Decor8...

Hello everyone! It seems some of my things on Etsy have been noticed. The lovely Heather of Gathering Spriggs has been kind enough to pick one of my shops on Etsy ( Wesley Asher ) to be featured on Decor8 for the Etsy Take 5 Tuesday feature. Heather was lucky enough to be a guest poster for Holly while she was away working on her new book ( can't wait for that one!!! )....what a dreamy thing to do...pick and feature your favorites on Etsy...where would one begin??? Well, Heather being the incredibly talented lady that she is had no problem finding all sorts of lovelies to feature. If you'd like to see the blog post go and see it here.

I also highly recommend browsing around on Decor8 if you never is the ultimate decorating blog....and Holly is incredibly gifted at sniffing out all that's super cool in home decor nowadays....I'm so honored to have been featured there this week and a few other times in the past. I honestly feel a bit overwhelmed to be amongst such incredibly talented artists...I'm truly waiting to be discoverd for the "simple thrift crafter" that I really am....nonetheless....I'm thrilled to take part in all the decorative merrymaking!!! :)

As another wonderful bonus....go and check out all that Heather is up to over at Gathering Spriggs...what eye candy there is to behold! I always love to browse through all that Heather finds and does....say " Hi! " from me...she's a lovely person....and so generous with her promoting. You also must see her Flickr pages and group...ahhhh....delicious! :) Find her here.

SO, if this Spring has you Feeling Blue, then go and check out all this wonderful blog goodness! I'm sure it will brighten your dreary day, and add a little "spring" to your step!

Enjoy your day...I know I will...why wouldn't I....I'm surrounded by all this loveliness I like to call imperfection. Find beauty all around yourself by making up your mind to.

Cheers my dears,
Trish :o)

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  1. thanks for your kindness trisha. you always continue to inspire me. i feel as though we are kindred spirits!


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