Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Farm Chicks, Packing for the Trip

Hey all!!! Have you ever heard about The Farm Chicks Show in Spokane Washington??? Well, if you've ever read an issue of Country Living Magazine, you might have seen a feature on the Antique Show, or on Serena Thompson who is also a contributing editor for the magazine. I, and a few other Grandiflora Girls are going to be heading over the hills to the show on the other side of our glorious state. I'm hoping the weather will be enjoyable for driving purposes (since I'll be driving my Suburban...the largest vehicle between us for stuffing with the most purchases!)

The other glorious thing we'll be doing in Spokane is staying at The Davenport Hotel. It's a lovely historic, recently refurbished hotel in the heart of downtown Spokane. We've stayed there once before and LOVED it! It is so beautiful, and luxurious. Visit their web site to see a lovely pictoral slide show and get all the information you need to book a trip.

Well, I'm packing my things as we speak...and I'm going to include my camera to get some good shots of what the show is all about. The last time we went to the show it was out of town in a series of tents in a it's located at the Spokane County it should be new and exciting for all of us. I'll be sure to get some good shots for all of you blog buddies.

What shows are you planning to attend this year??? Let us all know so we can learn about them too!

Trish :o)

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  1. Wish I was with you guys - I'm soooooooooo jealous!! Just wasn't meant to be - Bev's memorial was lovely - I even got through my song without a tear!! Obviously not on my own strength! Next year?


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