Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gone Junkin' Philosophy

Well, it's that time of the year again: Garage Sale season! As La Von and I gear up to start thinking about store displays, craft/antique shows, and the like....we always seem to find the best inspiration in plain old junkin'. La Von hit the motherload of junk the other day and asked if I would go help her do some hauling...I didn't want to spoil all the fun and show you every photo.....this is just a taste of the piles and piles  she found. Some of the stuff can go into the shop as is....some needs work....but mostly it will be creatively whipped up into a wirlwind of crafty goods to sell at the shop or booths at shows.

 My mom ( Jan ) is also a super good sport and lent us the use of her ol' red Ford. It comes straight off the farm for these sorts of jaunts. She also loaded up most of this stuff!  I think she owes us this much since it's all her fault for turning us into such good junkers!!! We literally grew up junkin'....it was always amusing that folks seemed to think we spent so much money on things....nope....just really good at making ol' junk look FAB!

Sometimes I believe that the Lord has given me this gift knowing I would never be a rich woman....and sometimes I think I'm not a rich woman because He has given me this gift! Same thing? Or....maybe not. Either way, it is so much fun to take old junk and make it LIVE AGAIN! I was always taught that you wouldn't throw an apple away if it had a little bruise on it....you make applesauce! Same thing applies to life itself; if your marriage feels a bit bruised...even cracked....it is worth saving (trust me on this one ladies....oh if you only knew....and some of you do!!!) Anyway....I was taught not to be a throw away person. Breathe new life into something....or give it to someone less fortunate than yourself and let them do it....either way the item has new purpose. Our family was doing this long before it was "green" to do so. I'm just happy to see the rest of the country is catching up! Hee hee hee!!!

Well enough philosophising for today....just wanted you to see what I've been up to lately. I'll be back with more design stuff soon!

Trish :o)


  1. I like your junking philosophy! I love finding free things and doing something fun with it! It's almost funner than having lots of money to spend at the mall. God knows exactly what we need, doesn't he?
    I need to be creative. God made me creative. It is his gift to me. Only lately have I accepted His gift and not felt guilty about it. Anyway!!! Too much serious talk!
    Gotta go and create...

  2. Hello Trish
    oh, seeing your pictures of this and your last post makes me want to go to the flea market right away! What great finds. The metal bed headboard on the ford looks fab and I also went green with envy when I saw the big letters you got at the farm chick show! I'm wanting to have letters alike for years now and never found a single one. Your flea markets/ garage sales / shows seem to be a lot better then our flea markets in Germany. You really are gifted in many ways :-)


    mo + me

  3. Looking at the photo, I think my best friend from years and years ago had a baby buggy just like that! :) And of course the school desk chair.
    Takes me waaaaayyyyy back. :)

  4. Melanie, it's so good to see you "accepting" your gift...it's hard sometimes isn't it? I often feel guilty when I'm creating...feeling bad that I'm not out there curing cancer. Oh well, we all have a job right? Just use it to the best of your abilities, and He will see it gets used in all the right places.

    Jo, I am so happy to see you here!! I am sorry to hear that you havn't had as good of luck junkin'....I hope you will hit a really good sale sometime soon! If you are looking for letters, maybe you should try shopping "local" on Etsy. I know there are a ton of folks in Germany with great vintage goods...I'm sure if you start asking around you'll find something great eventually! Have a great day!!!


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