Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've Been Blissfully Away...

Hello everyone...I must apologize for being absent so much in this last week or so. As you know, I try to post everyday or everyother day....but this past week has been so busy with the holiday weekend and going to Children's Hospital for my son....that I just ran out of time to post! Of course this makes me sad to have missed out on chatting with you.

Have you done anything wonderful lately? How was your week? I thought I'd share this recent photo that I took while camping up in the mountainous wilderness this past weekend. Isn't it lovely up there? It rained most of the time and was bitterly cold up until this last afternoon. We were in a tent...but miraculously we stayed dry...thank heavens! :o)

We had lots of fun cooking over a campfire, lighting fireworks, and yacking with family and friends. The boys saw lots of wilderness and wildlife....and even practiced shooting their bows. Our dog Olive faired well with all the commotion....and generally barked at anything that moved. She came home tired and dirty, but happy.

Well, I have a ton of laundry left to do...but the general clean up is done. Going to Children's Hospital the day after camping is not reccommended....but when works out ok. Tristan is doing well...but has alot to work on with his Physical Therapy. We go back in one month for a Spinal MRI, P T appt, Rheumetology appt., and Opthomology exam. Whoo....all in one day! Yikes....hope he can muster the strength for all of that! Hope I can!

I'll be back soon with more updates to things I'm working on....just thought I'd pop in to say hi! Hope you are well!!!
Trish :o)

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