Thursday, July 1, 2010

Timely New Jewelry, Now in Store!

Well, just to prove to you that I've been busy around these parts...I thought I'd show you what I've been up to lately. Above is a photo of necklace samples I have for sale at my brick and mortar shop Grandiflora Home and Garden  I must admit, I wasn't prepared for the great response that they would receive! I can tell that I will be working on more of these in the near future. Not to worry however...I have many more great ideas I'm working on....and much more already in the store that I havn't had the chance to photograph yet!!!

This photo shows a pair of bracelets I's already sold!  I really like how they turned out.
Lovely old vintage pillowcase edging made into delicate lace bracelets. They are adorable on....and not too girly as they have a simplicity about them. I did this on purpose...I like beauty....but not that a word?
These two photos show how I've packaged everything with vintage flashcards and cellophane. People are really liking this!!! These are bobbies for your hair above is the black and white option...
...and these are the grey. I really like this "Woodgrain" fabric by Joel Dewberry, don't you?
I even decided to go with something a bit more practical that everyone could use (even guys!) I loved the idea of using vintage and antique watch faces for I placed some on these LARGE paperclips. They are more the size of a bookmark (which is what they can be used for...or they make a great paperwork keeper! ) and are very sturdy. I threw some dahlias in for hoots and giggles....again girlie...not foufy. :o)
Here is a better sampling of the watch dial face necklace charms that I'm working on. They turned out so great! I love the antique sheet music from 1899 mixed with the dials...some even have a tiny bit of bling.
Last but not least, I put my collection of vintage and antique stamps to work on the same style of charm, and added a bit of fun with the tiny roses. These would be great with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Wouldn't they make a great gift for someone who travels alot? Or someone like me who is an armchair traveller?

 Anyway...I liked the fact that other than the chain (which is new) all the other components are vintage or antique. My sister said this to me " People will like these so much as they are very unique and one of a kind; it's something they could probably make themselves....but who would have all the right stuff to do it? Since your prices are so reasonable....I would buy it myself, just so I didn't have to hunt around for everything!" And....she has been right! All the items are available at my shop Grandiflora, and range in price from $7.95-16.95 (except for the bracelet which, due to the amount of work and supplies is $24.95 ). I am trying to keep up with making enough to fill my shop Wesley Asher on Etsy....but if they keep selling the way they have been at may never happen! Oh well, it's a good problem to have.

Just in case you are interested in anything you see here, please shoot me an email @ , and I can list something for you on will need to sign in to Etsy (super EASY) and have a Paypal account. Sorry, we can't sell these through Grandiflora ( we don't have that capability...yet ) Also, I would need to charge you a nominal shipping fee ( about $3.50 or so).

So happy to have you stop by again...and hoping you are very well. What lovely things have you been working on lately? The weather has been a little less than Summery around these working indoors has been the only option! Oh well, I'm sure it's coming...Summer that is!

Trish :o)

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