Monday, August 23, 2010

Keeping Up With the Barns'....Pottery Barn's That Is!

So I found myself futzin' around the other day makin' stuff like this flower, when the mail man came...yes man...not carrier...He is Dave....the mail MAN. He doesn't say much; he nods alot and smiles sheepishly. he politely puts the bad bills etc. under something fun. He's a good guy. We always give him something great at Christmas, as we appreciate all that old fashioned service of mail actually being brought to our front doorstep, and hand delivered to our box. When we hear the click/snap of the mailbox the boys run and scream about who's going to get the mail first. Dave...he's a good guy....he always leaves a thank-you in our box the day after we give him his Christmas treat usually consisting of a large hand made Hammond's Candy Cane (picked out by the boys) and some Woods' Coffee bucks. It never says anything more than: "Thanks, Dave."  But still....he walks those extra 40 feet every day but Sunday to make sure we get our occasional magazines, invitations, and advertisements (as all of my billing usually ends up being electronic anyway).
But THAT day he brought me something I actually wish he hadn't. It was Pottery Barns' new fall tiny look book filled to the brim with all things Autumn....and all sorts of deadly crafts one feels tempted to tackle themselves with reckless abandon. DAVE!!!!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!! As if I didn't already have 10,001 things rolling around it my head.....I just didn't need to try and keep up with the Barn's too!!!!
Thankfully I own a shop filled to the gills with all sorts of great stuff just like what you see I don't have to pay massive amounts of shipping to get that horribly overpriced vintage "found" rake to my doorstep ( after all....I don't think I want to get that much revenge on Dave....nor do I want him coming to my door sporting a pitchfork!!).
However....I just fell head over heels for that handmade "Welcome" sign made "simply" notice "simply"....and thought: "HEY, I'm working with wire right now! Why couldn't I just whip this out ?!?!?! After all, the little look book says it's "simple"!!!!
I will never believe "simple" in a descriptive title again.  After about an hour of wire wrestling, bloody fingertips, and a frazzled patience.....this (above) is what I ended up with.'s not horrible....but it's not Pottery Barn sleek either. I suppose at least I tried....which is more than I can say for most (smarter) stay at home moms.
Now, I just live in fear: "What will Dave be bringing next???"

Happy Trails & Cheerio!
Trish :)


  1. I enjoy your posts! I think your welcome looked great! I have some wire...;-) I also really like your playlist - I have found myself pulling up your blog specifically for the music in moments of stress (the hour before dinner). The songs always soothe and inspire. Thanks!

  2. I like your welcome sign can easily see it says 'welcome'. So there. :)


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