Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Such Sweet Things!

Ok, so we (my partner/sister La Von, and Kim our floor manager at Grandiflora) went to market this past weekend, and had to snap a few quick shots of some things we saw while we were there. Our local to the trade show in Seattle has a small area consisting of Vintage Booths. It is always so much fun after doing all our buying to come and browse around to see what other folks are up to.
This gals booth was called "Sweet Bee". I asked if it was ok to take a few snaps of the booth and ended up talking to the owners' mother who was covering for a lunch break. I didn't get the mother's name...but she was just so sweet! She said her daughter and son-in-law are the creative force behind this little masterpiece.
She also told me that she was the one enlisted to make every one of the pom-poms you see here!!! What a wonderful mother!!! (See Mom, we aren't the only ones who ask for help once in awhile!!! :o)
I thought their booth was very well done; don't you?
You can find Sweet Bee at Faded Elegance in Snohomish Washington where she's a vendor of the utmost kind. Very nicely done Rachael! We approve!!!   :o)

Update: See another blog post here: Grandiflora Home and Garden about our experiences at the show.

Well, I will be back with more about market soon!
Until then,
Trish :o)


  1. i know rachel of sweet bee. she is so cute and fun. (i worked at faded elegance until recently. have you visited there?) she was telling me about her space at the market. she was so excited. thanks for the pictures. rachel did a wonderful job!

  2. Hi Mari! :) I didn't meet Rachael, but her mom was so sweet! I do know about Faded Elegance....Kim is great. I've bought some items there for design clients of mine and they loved them! I've also gotten some things for myself! It is such a great store....and of course we LOVE Snohomish. When we are there the two shops we MUST visit are Faded Elegance and Joyworks (whom we also know well). Sadly when you own your own shop, it is really hard to "get away" and go shopping. So it is really fun when we can be working (like at the show) and still have fun in the Vintage Booths! I emailed Rachael about the blog posts...I hope she sees them...we loved her "look"!!! Thanks for reading Mari...and have a great day! :o)

  3. Hi Girl! I am sorry we didn’t run into each other at market, next time lets meet for lunch. Rachael is so talented, I love her energy. I love your blog, I am following you now! Are you guys still doing the group Birthday? ~Take care Kimberly


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