Saturday, August 28, 2010

Scotland Yard: Dr. Housewife and Mrs. Design

O.K. so here I am again...the dork on the blog...the one who can't seem to stop snapping photos of insane groupings of ridiculous stuff! I can't help my creative self!!! Sometimes the creative spirit just grabs me by the neck and says "Hey you...yeah you....take that off the wall, mix it up with that piece of junk, throw in that thing you just thrifted the other day, and take a picture." Am I the only one that this happens to??? I truly do believe there is such a thing as
" Decorative ADHD"
and baby....I've got it!!!
I could be walking down the hallway with a load of laundry, planning our next meal, and suddenly before I know it I've dismantled a display in my home...torn up the boys' room looking for marbles (no, not mine), and then I wake up from some sort of decorative stouper in a funky position groping my camera!
Maybe this is more of a case of Dr. Housewife, and Mrs. Design!!!! Yikes! What a crazy woman I really am!!!!  I can hear my neighbors yelling out in fear..." Call Scotland Yard....they've let her loose again!!!!! Arrrrrrghhhhhhh!!!!"
Well, I woke up in  a bit of a dismayed state photographing this snap the other day...Suddenly I had travelled back in time to 1976; I was 3 sitting in an obscure strip mall...sugared up on Hickory Farms' Strawberry candies...awaiting a trip to Pay 'n Save....having to sit VERY STILL, getting my Silouette cut out by hand by some very sweet older lady. Amazing what our minds can hold in....yes...this little sweetie pie is me. I was cute then huh? :)
I'm so happy my mom thought to do this. I love thinking of me as 3. Sometimes I think I still am...3 that is.....I like to play with things to this very day. I guess you all will benefit from my desire to "play" as I will always try to have a camera in my hands trying to capture my "playful" ideas. This one is entitled "Trisha Time Travel".

Stick around....even I don't know what "Mrs. Design" will decide to do next!
Dr. Housewife...for now.....

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