Friday, August 27, 2010

Restyling Rummage For Fall on Flickr

Hi all! Just a little post on this rainy morning to inspire you for fall! I've been out thrifting lately gathering things for the new season. Some will go to the store (Grandiflora) and some will stay right here at home with me! :)
I just marvel sometimes what people will throw out and get rid of. I was at a sale the other day where I think grandma must've passed away and her family didn't want ANYTHING. It was kind of sad many wonderful handmade doilies and paintings....I mean....look how great this needlework is!
Granted, I realize that this look isn't for everyone....and maybe I'm a sort of romantic about this kind of stuff....but if my grandmother was sitting in her chair crocheting or painting with oils....I'd surely keep something to remember her by!
Speaking of Rummage....have you taken the time to visit my group on Flickr? I've created a photo grouping called Rummage Restyled: The Eclectic Era. It is based on the thought that most homes these days are consisting of things from the past mixed with new items. I've gotten a HUGE response from Flickr members!!! There are SO MANY COOL photos on the site. I think you would really like to peruse through the photos from some of the leading designers represented on Flickr these days. I've accumulated over 200 members and over 1,000 photos!!! Not bad huh?
SO, go get inspired for restyling your rummage...these folks show you there's no excuse!!! :)

I'll be heading down to Bellevue to Children's Hospital on Saturday for my second son. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we hope to find that the problems he is having are simple and easy to fix. Some of you know that our oldest son has health concerns already (let's just say we've spent alot of time at Children's) so we are already on a sort of overload medically. Praise the Lord none of it is worse....but still...if I know there are others out there who are just helps somehow. I appreciate it.

Cheers my dears...and stay tuned...I'll be posting more fun stuff soon! This seasonal change thing always really gets me going as a designer!!!
Trish :)


  1. hi trish,
    i'm sorry to hear your son is having health problems. i know how scary it can be. God was so good to us through our worst nightmare with our son. i know He will be with you. He is so amazing. i will be praying.

  2. Trish,

    It's always sooo difficult to see a child suffer . . . my thoughts and prayers are with you, always! Take care and see you soon,


  3. Yes - we are praying for a quick fix for Mr Elliot! I agree - hospitals are not a fun place to be - even if necessary! Can't wait to get back to routine and normalcy!! This morning I was already contemplating my fall decorating - but I WILL wait until mid-September (If the weather can wait!!) :-)


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