Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Pretty Birthday Weekend!

 Yes, it's that fateful time of the year again...Birthday Time.
I actually really still like having Birthdays...It's fun to take a little time out for yourself and just
Which is exactly what I plan to do this whole weekend!!!
It started yesterday on my actual Birthday with all of these fun little photo shots!
So, in keeping with my playful nature...
I bid you adieu...
I hope you can get out and have some fun too!
Until next time my friends,
Celebratory Cheers!!!!
Trish ;)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Trish!!! Hope you have a splendid weekend. See you at Rust & Ruffles (yep, I'm in--hooray!!), if not sooner.

    xo Debi

  2. Happy birthday dear Trish!!!!! It all looks so pretty and of course we like birthdays and having fun!!! Wish I could send a cake over....sigh....

  3. Wishes to you for a splendid Birthday weekend!


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