Friday, October 1, 2010

In the Press, a little Blog Lovin'

Hey everyone!
I've been more than a little busy working my little tushie off trying to get everything geared up for the Fall Craft and Antique show that's coming up here at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds in a week or so (more to come on that one...)

It's been so crazy around here that I've had scarecly little time to do much in the way of photographing anything!

SO, I am going to share a few lovely little links to some great things I've been recently involved with, and some that are coming soon!
Here we go:

I love how my nest photo turned up on Victoria's  San Francisco Girl by Bay Blog she is one talented blogger, and if you don't regularly go to see what she's up to....well....then you are simply missing out! Take a moment to search her blog for lots of great decor inspired news. She has a talent for sniffing out all the newest coolest stuff. I've been featured there a few times before, and have always received the nicest feed back from her readers.
Thanks Victoria! ;)

Next, you might be interested in seeing a fun blog authored by Priya called Once Upon a Tea Time
She recently contacted me to do an article on my home. I was so flattered, and am very pleased with her article...what an honor to be chosen for such nice features!
Have fun perusing her blog for lovely decorating ideas from REAL homes!
Thanks Priya! :)

AOL (america online) has been using a few of my photos lately on their blog Shelter Pop this last one features lots of lovely turquois in home decor. As you probably already is one of my favorite colors! This post has some really cool stuff!

Another one of my absolute favorite places to visit is Apartment Therapy this blog post is fun as it urges you to go and visit Flickr (which you know I ADORE!!!)
This is the Chicago site...but you can find more of my home photos over at the L.A. site as well.

Last but not least for today (as I am running out of time...and am not prepared to list all the spots my photos tend to show up at...) I LOVE Heather at Blessed Little Nest she is one inspiring lady...make sure to visit this blog on a regular basis! If you even happen to like my sort of style, and are a Christian woman like me...then you MUST....simply MUST visit Heather's blog. ;)
She is running a lovely little Crafters Art Faire next week that I'm going to be involved in, I am SO excited to be a part of this!
Make sure you visit for lots of great links to fabulous artists on Etsy etc...
There's going to be discounts, giveaways, and freebies from all the shops involved!
Here's the info:
I hope you can have some fun perusing around this weekend in you quiet time looking at some new blogs you might not have known about until now.

I will try to keep up on this "In the Press" and "Blog Lovin'" for you.
I find it difficult to tell people about what I'm up to as I always feel a little bit like I'm bragging. :(
However, it is an honor to be selected for such things...and I guess I should be thrilled as this is what I'm working so hard for. It's just that people who live in my area really don't get into the whole blog thing that much...and sometimes it is just so difficult to explain to them how exciting it all is to me when they can't even comprehend what I'm talking about.

Thanks for letting me share this ride with you, and I hope you have a lovely and blessed weekend ahead of you!
Cheers my dears,
Trish ;)

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  1. yes - it was a lovely weekend! I'm so proud of you Trishie Poo! You're the best - we've known that - just taking others a little longer to find you here in our little town :-)


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