Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peace On Earth!

Peace On Earth!, originally uploaded by katiedaisy.

Oh My Goodness, don't you just love this? It has all of my favorite colors in it...and I love the sentiment at this time of the year. This Watercolor and Acrylic painting is done by Katie Daisy. You can click on the pic to see more of her lovely items via Flickr, can go and check out her sweet shop at
Katie is VERY talented, and I think you'll love her animated style. I'm trying to figure out which piece of work I'd like to get for myself this Christmas! :) Cheers! Trish

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  1. Oh I just love her work! I ordered one for my sil for Christmas. I love the "Take a Hike" one too! The happiness seems to burst out of the paintings!


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