Monday, December 6, 2010

Cookie-Pop Tutorial: YUMMY!

SO, I was eating a Cool Mint Oreo a month or so ago, and instantly I was struck with a really fun idea:
Yeah, my brain really does work like that :)
 I kinda figured it would be a fun craft/treat for the boys to make for their teachers etc...
 Oh HO HO...
I realized once I started making them,
that I NEEDED to make many more than that since they looked and tasted
 It's simple really:
1. gather supplies:
*Cool Mint Oreos
*lollipop sticks
( I cut mine in half to make them go further, you could also use popsicle sticks)
*White Chocolate candy cane Melties
( You could create your own with white chocolate chips and crushed candy canes)
*Sprinkles in various colors etc.
* waxed paper
*cookie sheet or other flat surface
* little cello bags
*fun ribbon
 2. Insert stick into cookie filling.
3. Melt chocolate in mircrowave or double boiler.
4. Slather cookie in chocolate with rubber spatula.
5. Immediately sprinkle with colored non-pareils or glittery sprinkles.
(you can also leave them plain...they taste just as good!)
6. Lay flat on wax paper covered cookie sheet and allow to dry/harden.
7. Once cooled/hard, put into tiny cello bags and tie with ribbon.
Too cute!
 I'm having so much fun making these myself, and with the boys!
Hope you can have some simple foodie fun this Holiday season with those you love!
I liked that these looked so lovely and "difficult"....
but realistically they were super easy and totally fun to make.
and ,
let me know if you try these.
I'd love to hear how they turn out, and I'd even love to see photos!


  1. These look incredible! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I absolutely love that idea...too cute!!

  3. What a fun idea and looks so easy to do with kids. Love your pics too ; -)

  4. Those look SO yummy! I'd probably eat them all instead of giving them away :)

  5. Hey Ladies! Thanks so much, and have a blast getting white chocolate melties all over your fingers! :)


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