Monday, December 6, 2010

Tree is Up & Filled with Vintage Goodness!!

 Hey Everyone!
We were given a lovely Frasier Fir Christmas Tree from my Parents this year, as my dad owns a Christmas Tree farm up in the hills here;
They are so kind to make sure that we always have a nicer than nice tree.
My husband actually works up at the farm during the U-Cut time.
I grew up working there too, it was so fun to help people find just the right tree....especially when they had little kids!
Well, anyway...
I hauled out the decorations I've been collecting for many years now and went to it!
 I've always loved vintage ornaments, and so I try to use them as much as I can.
 These pink and turquoise ones are some of my faves!
 My sons love the "innys" as they like to call them :)
 My sister La Von gave me these lovely aqua picks....she knows what I like!
 It's so fun to play around with such pretties.
 As much as decorating is very much fun...
I like to remember why we are doing all of this decorating:
Jesus was born unto us.
What an awesome Birthday to celebrate!!!
I mean,
Who doesn't love to decorate for a Birthday Party?!?!
I love it so much, that when everyone is tired and heads to bed, I stay up late and just sit in the dark staring at the Christmas lights. Don't you? Maybe not until after 1am....but hey...I'm sure you've crossed your eyes and watched a blurry Christmas tree to the faint sound of Holiday music in the background.
If you haven't....then maybe you should!
I find myself closer to the real meaning of the season after I've done so.
Here's to remembering the REAL reason for the Season this Holiday time.
After all,
the don't call it


  1. Wonderful shots, very well done and what a gorgeous collection of Vintage decorations you have! I just found you via flickr....

    Warm wishes from cold Germany

  2. oh my, that is the most amazing collection of baubles. Your tree looks amazing.

  3. Love this post....we have been choosing our tree from the same farm since we were first married and our son now works for them. It's magical. I too decorate with vintage baubles and love to sit and stare at it for hours. Please stop by to see some images of searching for the right one and of tree no. 1 (I still have to take pics of tree no. 2)
    All the best - Rebecca

  4. Oh ladies you are so sweet to me to leave such lovely comments! I am so honored to have great blogger buddies such as yourselves! I'm glad you liked the vintage ornies, and tree too! :)

    Anita, welcome my dear! Germany...oh lucky you! I'd love to go! Someday I'll get back to the "Motherland" of Holland, and come and see you too! :)

    Rebecca, I'm heading over now! :)


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