Monday, February 21, 2011

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo Hoo Hoo!

 Ahhh Sunshine!
Lovely Sunshine in the Winter....
When you've finally got some, you want to enjoy it....right?
Well, we actually had some, and sadly I've gotten sick :(
Here's the skinny:
1. Have two little boys who've been sick for a few weeks.
2. Took them to Children's Hospital on Friday for the oldest one's scheduled check up.
(this is an ongoing rare disease...yeah....lots more to that story...but won't bore you here. checkup went well...but lots more concerns to deal with now...icky)
3. Happily escaped on Saturday for a girls' day away at a local vintage/craft show.
4. Started getting sick with nasty cold/flu half way through the day.
5. Fell into bed that night and have been laying low ever since.
Boo hoo hoo
So now that you know the short version of my plight... you can see the Bobbidy part!
Here is the latest in my Bobby Pin collection that I'm now featuring over at my shop
 These cheerful little bobby pins are making me very happy right now...the color is cheering me up, even though they are not real sunshine (which I missed out on by the way due to the crud) they are happily reminding me that Spring WILL come eventually.
 I would wear these myself on a fun day out touring a tulip field, or shopping at a flea market. However I think they'd be even sweeter in a little girls' hair this Spring!
 I always gift package items like this for my Etsy's just that extra little thing that makes people happy when they open their package on delivery day. I also send these to other people on behalf of a gifter...and I add gift tags too! I love all that packaging stuff....don't you???
I think it brings a bit of sunshine into our lives when someone cares enough to spend an extra couple of minutes to treat them to a thing of beauty.
Don't you love to get a beautifully wrapped package?
I do!
Well, I hope you are all well today.
The truth for me?
Not such a good day :(
Actually pretty yucky one...but I have to could be SO MUCH WORSE.
I am daily reminded that my life is so blessed....and yet when even the dumbest of things goes wrong I get a little frumpy and start to feel sorry for myself.
That's just SO wrong of me.
I must remember to turn my eye to all that is good in my life, and dwell in Him.
Easier said than done, right?
I am bound and determined to try!
Here I go...... a little extra prayer time left?
Count me in if you will;
I could use it.



  1. So sorry to hear you are under the weather and that your son has medical problems. These bobbidies are very cute and I love the packaging. Does each one come guaranteed to contain the flu virus?
    As always your things are extra pretty. Of course I love the colors you always choose. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Ha haa haa!!! :oP

    Fortunately, they were all made and packed last week before the yuck hit, no...flu virus will be an extra charge! :)

  3. such fun sweet you have them for sale at the store too? :) I think I might need me a few so I can bring some 'Spring' into my life! ;)

  4. Oh no, Trish--so sorry you're sick (no fun)!!! You're an amazing, hard-working and talented young woman. Get well soon!! It was great seeing all of you at Ruffles & Rust . . . I find myself feeling lucky I didn't have time to give you a giant hug (but I'll get one later)!

    Please go visit my friend Shell on Bungalow Bling . . . she just lost a good friend (in her 40's) who leaves a husband and little-four-year-old behind girl, Bella, behind. God's plans are a real mystery on this sad occasion. Shell will appreciate any cheer you can offer!



  5. Oh Melody, you're a sweetie! I don't have these exact ones (although I could if you like a specific one/set) at the shop...but I do have a great selection of other "like type" button bobbies there. Each one is made with vintage fabric (and lots of love of course!) I promise they were all made before I was you should be fine ;)

    Debi, I hope I didn't pass off any bad germs to you and your sweet hubby on Saturday! It really hit me hard and fast later that afternoon...and by the time I was was all I could do to stand upright! Your booth was amazing my dear! (as always) I hope you did well, and that we will see you again soon!

    On another note, I will go and check out Shells' blog...I've been before and loved it. So sad to hear about her friend. It makes me feel petty for being upset about the things I'm upset about. God has a real way of putting people in our pathways who have it worse than we do doesn't he? Thanks for sharing, I'll see what I can do. :)

  6. Aww..sorry to hear you had a crummy week. I had one sick with a cold, my son has been teething pretty bad, so seriously sleep deprived..but I do enjoy your little pins..oh they are so adorable. If I have a little girl I'll definantly know where to come back and get some..

    Stay strong!


  7. oh no- get well soon !!
    we've had the flu this weekend too :)
    love your photos and packaging !

  8. You are such a joy...even when your feeling crummy. We get weary along the journey sometimes. That's what makes it a journey, sometimes we just keep moving forward so we don't get stuck. I've been stuck, it's a tough place to be. So, I will remember to pray tonight. He's right there. He gets you ;)

  9. You ladies are all so lovely! Thank-you so much for your kind words, support, understanding, and prayers. Honestly...some days I just want to throw up my hands in utter exhaustion and just "quit", you know what I mean? I can honestly say that it is because of great friends like you that encourage and accept me for the kooky person I am. I appreciate you all! :) As it has turned out, I've got Strep Throat, yucky! I've got good meds now, so hopefully I will be able to move on slowly from this.

    Again, I appreciate all your lovely comments, they mean more to me than you'll ever know. :)


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