Saturday, February 12, 2011

How I list on Etsy & A Shop Update @ Wesley Asher

Been working hard to update my Etsy Shops lately as they've sold down from the Holidays.
is one of the three shops I have on Etsy.
It is where I feature items with a more natural subdued quality.
I often have nature products in the spring, summer, and fall when I'm out and about with the boys.
I like to see animal themed items here with a vintage or retro feel to them.
I really do like to load my shops up again, as it excites me to go find or craft more great things!

Want to know the steps I go through for each item?
I figured there are some of you out there who might be curious, right?
1. Find item (easier said than done!)
2. Clean/fix/update/craft etc...item.
3. Set up Photo shoot, and take pictures (more than I need, so I'm sure to have a few good ones) great photography is the key to good sales.
4. Upload & edit photos via computer and online avenues.
5. Research a price for each item.
6. Research the cost for shipping each item; both individually and together with other items for a multiple puchase situation.
7. List the item on Etsy in the appropriate shop (as I said, I have 3)
a. Name item
b. Describe item with measurements etc.
c. Tag item for search engines.
d. Price item and add shipping estimates.
e. Upload pictures.
8. Maintain shop by relisting at key times of day/week.
9. When/if item sells, pack item in box with invoice I've downloaded and printed.
10. Take trip to Post Office and ship.
11. Manage money from order:
a. Pay Etsy (once a month).
b. Pay Paypal (automatic deduction during transaction).
c. Donate 10% to charity
d. buy any supplies I need for next item
e. Transfer remainder to checking account

Yeah it's alot of work....but I love to do it. It's easier to consign items at my shop, however not all items I deal in are suitable for Grandiflora. It might not fit the "look" we are featuring at the moment. It might not be the aesthetic of the folks who live in our area. I may be able to sell the item for better money on Etsy than what I can make locally. There are many reasons why I sell on Etsy....but I do it mostly because I enjoy it.
It's been so much fun to ship items all over the world, within the USA, and even to folks who live just down the street.
 Etsy is such a wonderful creative outlet where I don't feel out of place when I make a doo-dad from string, paper and wire in the shape of a bird. :)

Hope you are enjoying this Valentine's Weekend!

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  1. i didn't realize you had 3 shops! i'll have to go check it out :)


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