Sunday, February 13, 2011

Verrry Pinteresting!

Oh how I like to look at photos of pretty things!
Don't you?
Have you heard of a little thing called
It is SO wonderful!
Check it out,
go to:

and see what you think?!

At this time, you can't just get a page without either receiving an invitation....or requesting one and being invited. It is still pretty new, and they are still working all the kinks out.
I am having SO MUCH FUN "Repinning" from everyone else's "Pins".
I almost forget that I can go hunting for things to pin to my page.
you see anything you like on the web, and you can pin it to your page.
Obviously if you click on the photo it should link back to the original source.
My Flickr reports lately had kept coming back saying the visitors had been referred by I thought I'd check it out for myself.
Sure enough there were some of my clicks!
How cool is that.
I'm almost sorry I've signed now I'm addicted!
It's great inspiration however.
I've got Pin Boards for many groupings of photos:
Wish List
My Hubby
It's kinda like an online scrapbook!
I hope you will take the time to check it out....
....think of it as my Valentines Gift to you.
I assure'll heart it for sure!
Please let me know what you think ok?
I am always SO hungry for your comments here....really!


  1. it looks great!
    so, how does it work? do we request an invite? looks like fun :)

  2. Hey Andrea, Um yeah...I've just "searched" with my search bar and all you need to do is type in "Pinterest Invite" and it will give you some options to head to. I hope you try it...I know you'll love it! :)

  3. I have to try that. You have no idea how perfect your timing is for this post. Just last night I was just considering starting a tumblr account for collecting my favorite online pics, but this seems more what I was looking for. Have you heard of tumblr? I have friends with such yummy pages. I've been craving an online inspiration board to jumpstart ideas. But this seems like a better way for a virtual inspiration board.

  4. Hey Becca, I actually just started a Tumblr account last month too. I've been sorely disappointed in it as it was not what I was looking for either. I'm so glad to have found Pinterest. I may still update Tumblr from time to time...but I think Pinterest is really where it's at...not to mention I can still go and LOOK at Tumblr and then post the items to Pinterst! :) I hope you have lots of fun with's VERY ADDICTING!!! :) Thanks for stopping by...and for "both" comments ;) hee hee hee! :o)

  5. Ok- I didn't realize there was a waiting list for the invites. Do you happen to have any? Thanks so much!

  6. Hey Becca! Sorry, I don't have that capability. As far as I know you should be able to go and request an invite to Pinterest via their homepage. They are then supposed to check out your credibility as someone who would be a responsible "pinner" (is that a word?). I wish I could just let you in...sadly this is not in my power. However, as they continue to grow the site...more and more folks will be able to use it. I think the goal is to get it as large as Facebook etc.... I wish you all the best with getting your invite. I want everyone to be able to experience it the way I have.'ll get in soon I'm sure! :)


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