Monday, February 14, 2011

You Will NOT Believe What I Won!

My Winning Photo :)
As featured on
Selina Lake: Happy Valentine's Day Winner
blog post today.
Well, I'm officially flabbergasted!
I truly am.
I was asked by Selina Lake to enter some photos on her
and low and behold....
I won!
Whoo Hoo!
Now, for those of you who know me quite well, you know what a big deal this is for me!
I me rephrase this...
I ADORE!!!!!!!!
Selina Lake Books!
I am winning a signed copy of her newest book:'s so pretty!
If you are not familiar with Selina by name, I'm sure you've seen her work in various magazines and books.
She lives in Jolly ol' England and does quite a bit of "Styling" for all the BEST publications!
You will love getting to know her work....and her; as a person.
She is SO real, and nice.
(Even though she is TOTALLY famous in the world of decorating!)
We like the nice ones, yeah?
I actually love Selina's book so much I already own it myself!
I had just purchased it, as it very recently released here in the U.S.
I was actually trying to get caught up on some work today so I could do some photographs of it for a book review for all of you!
You can purchase this book for yourself easily over at Amazon.
But, before you do, make sure you head over to Selina's lovely blog and check it out!
(see the link below winning photo)

I am just swooning!
I'll have to get going on that photoshoot and book review for you soon!
In the meantime I'll just sit and smile with a grin I can't seem to remove!

One last thing...
I want to give credit where it is due:

Dear Lord,
You made those lovely roses; I didn't.
Help me to remember not to take credit for things I've not done myself.
Help me to continue to develop the talents You've given me for Your glory.
I pray that You take great joy in my achievements, little and big.
You are the reason I live.
I bless your Name;
You are my One true God,
and I
Now, forgive me for screaming like a little girl....because this
in Jesus' name,



  1. I believe it because your photos are soooo beautiful.

  2. yay! congratualions on your most deserved win!

  3. I'm so pleased you are so happy to win! Your have to email me your address so I can get the book sent off to you. Lots of love x

  4. From Holland (Europe) a message. So my english is not really good, but I try! I was on the fab blog of Selina and saw you won. Congratualations, you're pictures are really nice! And Selina's blog is wonderfull, you're right!
    lots of greetz,

  5. Carolien, Thank-you so much! How sweet of you to leave me such lovely compliments. And by the way....I think your English is great! Better than my Dutch! :) Even though I am of Dutch decent, I don't know much more than food names and a few swear words that may have mistakenly escaped someones mouth once or twice! Ha Ha Ha! You're doing wonderfully. Thanks again! :)

  6. Way to go Trish!! I love strolling through your awesome store. It is always a treat and thanks again for the fun Christmas present to our church group last year.
    Your creativity is everywhere in Grandiflora. I wish some of it would rub off on your aunt Pam :) Pd


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