Monday, March 21, 2011

I Can't Contain Myself.....

Tin Types
Trisha Brink Design
It has been a Dismal Day.
Yes, sometimes even I have them.
They are never any fun are they?
I'm never truly sure if I should share them with you.
I know you all have problems of your own....and I don't want to burden you anymore than you already are!
once in awhile,
it sure is nice to commiserate with your friends.
I also HAVE to believe you want to know that I'm human too...right??!?!?!

There isn't any
thing I'm upset about...there are many;
some of which I can share....and others I can't...
the basic jist to it is this:

not enough time
not enough vitamin C to stay well...ever
not enough money (this is an understatement)
not enough sun
never enough clean laundry
no energy
too much fat
not enough milk

I could go on
I've got

how much I love what I do for a living
how I DON'T have any life threatening illnesses
how I have food to eat
that I haven't been flooded out of my home
I have warm clothes to wear
that I own a dishwasher, car, washer, and dryer
I have meat on my bones
the grocery store is just minutes away

I'm feeling better now.
Even though it's been a pretty tough day for me (oh yes....there's lots more to it than the petty stuff),
 I think it would be heavenly for some folks around the world who have it much worse off than I do.
Why is it always so hard to remember this???

Thanks for listening.


  1. We are blessed! I like the picture of the colorful tins. Festive!

  2. I would love to sit down and type out my list and I don't think it will do me any good, because just like you I do know there are so much more people in the world that have things much worse~
    Take care, your Photos are beautiful~

  3. i understand.yesterday wasn't my best day either.lots of things going on at once- i try and think of the positive-sometimes even the little blessings help us stay positive :)

  4. Yep, I knew you gals would understand. Thanks for being real....and also confirming the fact that we truly have nothing to complain about. :) Hang in there everyone! :)

  5. Sweet Trish . . . missed seeing you at the Lynden Show. Saw your Mom, but she was busy talking to Evelyn (imagine that!). :0)

    Our blogs are NOT who we are. We are NOT what we do. Our carefully crafted art/photographs are NOT pics of our lives. I think we need the beautiful, the crafted, the cropped, the iPhoto'd, to feel good as an act of art and passion. But people like you and I DEPEND on our *art* to feed ourselves and our families. I don't know what the issues you speak of are. Don't need to (but would listen if you needed to talk). We ALL share pain, in many forms. Our pain may not be as bad as someone else's, but it's still owned by us . . . and it still hurts! I understand, totally.

    Love from Above (always there) . . . and love from little me,



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