Thursday, March 3, 2011

Post Card Time Traveller

Le Tour Eiffel 1908
 I have a little secret...
I heart them, don't you?
I heart them so much that I've decided to recreate them in the form of prints and cards.
What do you think?
I like the postcards which are generally sepia but have a hint of hand coloring,
 like this Eiffel Tower Tour card.
Dear Sister Flo
 As much as I DO love the pictures depicting places, people, and things....
I really truly get the most excited when there's interesting handwriting on the backside.
I love to imagine the stories behind the scribbles.
Isn't it neat to see where the author of this card dipped their pen in the ink?
You can tell by the darker and thicker writing...and then again by the lighter and thinner.
As I click at my keys writing this to you, I am reminded of how long it would take me to write one simple post if I had to dip my quill in ink!
I'm not sure you'd be able to read my blog!
What a mess I'd have made!
Antiquated Birthday Wishes
Well, there are many more postcards where these came from, so stay tuned for more starting at my shop Grandiflora....then to Etsy.
It's a slow go for me....but I'll get there.
Wait till you see what else I'm up to with my prints....well, that is another post alltogether!
Until then,
Happy Weekend!

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