Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Signs & Cards : Penning Sentiments

I have a bit of a disease now.
I can't stop making cool stuff with my photos.
I am on a roll to speak....
I can't help myself.
The ideas just keep coming!
Oh to have a week of days just to devote to my projects....
I'd be lost in a reverie of words and photos!
I'm having a ton of fun creating everything from signs to greeting cards; they are slowly making their way over to Grandiflora.
The employees are having fun picking their favorites, and guessing which ones will sell first.
Of course I'm never right about those guesstimations....
but it is still fun to guess.
Usually the first one to sell, is the last one I figured it would be....and the last one to sell is my favorite!
Who knows!
This one above is a fave of mine at the moment.
I like the graphic simplistic quality of the
typography and the phone turned sideways
with the cord hanging down.
I know
it the

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  1. i like them all-but i like the coffee one best too :)


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