Monday, May 16, 2011

A Bit of Color for your Day!

 So, it's been a little while since I've been here with any new lovelies to show you... I didn't want to throw just "anything" out there for you to view...and I most assuredly didn't want to dissapoint you with sad little snaps.
I have been a busy little bee working my fingers to the bone lately and thought you might like to see some fruits of my (and my partners' in vintage crimes) labors!
Here is the first installment of
booth at the
Vintage Road Show in Snohomish, Washington USA!
 We had a double booth at the show, so we went ahead and divided it roughly into two
types of "looks".
This side was the
"Granny Chic"
look which is taking the vintage/home decor world by storm lately.
Isn't it really fun for Spring???
 We had such a good time collecting for and setting up for this side of the booth!
What a fun refreshing look for this terribly rainy Spring we are having here in the
Pacific Norhwest!
 At one point I was able to tromp down the road for a wee lunch break and get a little bit of Vitamin D!
Oh how inviting this little bench seemed in the golden sunshine!
The light was almost blinding for my poor little eyes.
They are not used to the sunshine anymore!
I think we'll take a little break here for the day.
I am so tired and trying to get back on to a regular schedule....I don't want to wear myself out too much.
After all, I have had Strep Throat this past week and just took my last antibiotic today....there's no point in reverting back to an illness.
Until I can just enjoy sitting here in the sunshine with a refreshing drink in one hand and the soft song of birds chirping in the trees.....
Back soon with more from the show!


  1. Adore all the colors. Yum!
    Especially those clamp on lamps...aqua and yellow. How utterly cheery!!

  2. Oh my godness...that booth looks like heaven!!! Can't wait to see the other half:)
    Rest up and feel better.

  3. Oh, your booth looks simply gorgeous! I spied your photos on Flickr and had to pop over and comment on your blog.

    Being a Seattlite myself, I know exactly what you mean by refreshing your surroundings during this dreary Spring. I've been refreshing my own little surroundings in hopes my efforts will help the sun to come out...and I think it's working! ;)

  4. Annie from OregonMay 17, 2011 at 9:23 AM

    Good morning Trisha -- the photo of the THAT's what I'm talkin' about!! I KNEW you had the touch, the flair, the gift of capturing unique moments and presenting them in a special way. =o) This one of the garden bench—well, I feel as though your camera became the little sparrow I'd been listening to and she is looking over my shoulder, watching me read a favorite book and sip a cuppa (or two) – just relaxing, basking in the welcome warmth of spring sunshine. And she is sitting near me on a lilac twig and singing out through the gentle morning in quiet company.

    That’s the picture your photo paints for me. It evokes the serenity and peace of that private moment. It calls up a calm that flows out and makes me long to step into your photo — and sit in the dappled sunshine for awhile. Thanks for the respite!! You are an artist. (now if I can just find that bench.... =o)

  5. dear Trisha, love the colors! Of course, colors are part of my life. But, my Englisch is not... it's difficult. Can you help me, my blog is called colorfull home. I don't think it's right and i would really appreciate to hear what's the right name.
    love to hear from you,

  6. Thanks to everyone who was so kind to leave such lovely comments! I'm still working on the next run of photos, but I'm also playing catch up for all the time I was away from home I'll be back as soon as I can ok? :D

    Hi Carolien! I'm actually off to work at the moment, but I'd love to help you with your English! :) I think the name "Colorful Home" is just wonderful....and it is correct as far as the English is concerned. You are doing very well with your writing, I am very impressed. Let me know what else you might need help can reach me at my email address with more questions ok?

  7. Rats...I spy so many lovely treasure I would of wanted...are you taking any to your shop? I must come visit you soon. xoxoxo hugs

  8. Oh- I feel for you! I hope you're getting some rest and relaxing. I'm in crazy mode getting ready for my upcoming show. I was praying for you- such a bummer to get sick, especially when you can't afford to be. Your booth looked fabulous. I used to live not too far from Snohomish, I love the antique shops there.

  9. Koralee, we are going to take things to the shop. Some are already there, and some will take about a week to filter in. We will be doing a huge floor move in the next week or two and lots will be may want to wait until we are done? :)

    Becca, oh yes...we Love SNOHOMISH!!! The shops are to die for. I must say that it is now the best it has ever been since I started shopping there over 25 years ago as a kid with my parents. Oh yes...they drug me through antique store after antique store. At the time I hated I love it, but there are so many more wonderful shops with antiques mixed into vignettes like Annie's and Ruffles and Rust Square. I hope you can get back to check it out soon! :)


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