Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Rest of the Booth Story...

 There was so much to choose from in the way of great stuff from our shop
that we might have overdone the booth a bit!
We think it's possible that we took too much to chose from!
We put out as much as we could for folks without making it overly cluttered.
Oh how we love the good junkin' stuff!
 Not only did we have lovely vintage and retro goodness....
we had my sister La Von's adorable Stepping Stones, and all of my photography prints as well!
Whoa, this made for a very full, but beautiful booth!
 I (and everyone else) was in love with Kim's gorgeous wicker settee!
that awesome turquoise trunk was to die for from my mom Jan.
However, they did not sell...and so they will be heading to the shop.
Most folks were travelling and bought smaller items that were easy to carry...however...
 ...that adorable tall Jelly Cupboard went lickety split! As well as our cash register desk!
We were happy to have extra tables to work with at that point!
Over all it was a success, but we still had some left over pieces which are making their way to
the shop throughtout this week and next.
There are ALWAYS new items working their way into the store to choose from!
....I have so much going on with many different projects this week....that I did what no one would normally do under this much pressure.
I bought some ice cream bars, grabbed the boys, and headed to a local park for a fun day!
Whoo Hoo!
I got some really wonderful photos and wanted to leave you with this one.
My life is incredibly busy....and I have downer days just like the next person...I also have huge commitments,
some days you just need to get out into the sunshine (when you finally get some) with an ice cream cone in one hand, a pile of balloons in the other, and the ones you love most...
for a fun day away from it all!
Hope you get a chance to do that soon refreshes the soul, and fuels you up for the next hard work day!
Cheers to you!


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I adore balloons and absolutely agree that balloons+sunshine+ice-cream cones+loved ones=a good time of refreshment!

  2. I love the picture of the balloons!!!


  3. your booth looks great-wonderful styling!
    i'm needing an ice cream and balloon day :)
    thanks for stopping by!! :)

  4. Your booth looks amazing! Filled with marvelous treasures! I agree - life can get so very busy that we have to take the time to appreciate the good things in life - spending time with loved ones - making memories!
    Hope you have a marvelous week,

  5. Again, Trisha, the Grandiflora booth was A-mazing! You all did an Awesme Job! And Now,,,,that I can ALMOST see some ground in my garden, I with I'd bought one of La Von's Stepping stones TOO!~ Too cute!

    Are you going to sell prints of the Ballon pic you took today???I want one! I love that whole
    symbolism.......Too pretty Missy!!!

    You May or May not understand this..but I found my Gardening "Zen" today. It's been gone for a LONG time. No just because of the last couple of year's irratic weather,,,,but maybe be beause my Mom passed, My son was in Iraq for two tours....But, anyway......Today?

    I got the "Zen" the "Zone" the "one with nature/our Creator! Wowza.....I'm loving it!
    Best therapy I've had for years, out there planting/weeding,,,,,,,Sounds weird, but I got part of ME back!

    I may need a stepping stone or two,,,,,both physically and metaphorically!!

    Hugs, love and a "Dirty Bus" on the cheek, because Lord Knows, I'm a bit Mossy/grassy/weedy after today!


  6. Oh Shell, I'm so happy for ya! What an awesome thing to have your Garden Groove back!!! How wonderful to finally be able to stretch out in the sunshine and get yourself good and dirty...not muddy ;) I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, and I hope your son is back? I can see why you've been stumped for garden inspiration!
    I am going to be selling the print on etsy...and also in the shop as well. La Von is always making so many lovely stepping stones...and they are available at the shop as well. You can even have her personalize one for you...maybe in honor of your mom? Either way, just give me a shout if you want or need anything...we are always going back and forth to Seattle for something!
    You're such a sweetheart! Enjoy the sun this week, and don't forget to snap some shots of the garden when you get a chance to share! :)

  7. I love my new desk! It's in my living room with the horrid hi-low varigated brown carpet the apartment owner won't replace. The desk is so lovely I'm hoping noone will look at the floor!! Sorry to add to the workload. Jenifer

  8. Jenifer, Ha! No worries about the workload!!! ;) we are always happy to make a sale...just were even happier that we had some extra tables along!!! :) So happy that you are lovin' the new desk....and here's to hopin' you'll get some new carpet soon!


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