Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crafting up Some Love!

Hi again everyone!
I am taking a break away today to head down to Children's Hospital in Seattle for my
7 year old son Tristan's every other monthly check up.
I have been wondering what this check-up will bring....hopefully some good news for his rare disease
I am hoping that he will be able to come off of his Methotrexate shots (light chemo) soon!
We'll see.
Either way....I thought I'd leave you with this photo print inspired by all my crafting lately.
I've been cutting and listing and selling so many vintage
fat quarters lately...and had my little men on my mind too...
that this seemed a perfect fit for our situation:
"Love is measured in Hugs and Kisses"
Hope you love it?!
Don't forget, my sale is still on over at Trisha Brink Design: Photography!!!


  1. Have a safe trip and I hope you get good news!

  2. your photo print above is beautiful....

    good luck with everything in Seattle- bless little Tristan...

    Melissa x

  3. best wishes for your hospital visit ;)

  4. Trish, I'm just amazed at how positive you're able to stay. Your life is so very full--and not all of it is fun. God has given you a wonderful family, and that is the greatest treasure of all!! Hope all goes well and wishing you happy thoughts on this gorgeous, sunny day!!

    xo Debi

  5. Prayers sent for your son and family. Just found you and am a happy follower!


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