Monday, May 9, 2011

Ick the Sick...

"Who" do you think you are anyway???  Martha Stewart???
Ok...I'll admit it.
That candle? know the one I'm talkin' 'bout.
It's burnt...yep....both ends.
Oh the sickness....yes the sickness...
Going back to the couch now...calling doctor's office...hoping....hoping.....praying....
Please Lord????
Big week...big....big....week!
Yikes, more sickness???


  1. not good..... hope you are better soon

  2. What? Shoot... :( Wretched sickness, needs to go. Praying for miraculous recovery...go to sleep, it'll all be ooookaaay. He's got this:)


  3. I remember from you last post that you are having a more busy than usual week. I hope you get better quickly, hon. Take some b-12 and b-6 shots!!!

  4. Oh! I'm sorry that you are not feeling well! I will be praying that you have a swift recovery.


    P.S. I received your lovely photographs in the mail and have three of them in their new cozy homes! I posted some pictures on my blog of the finished decorating that I did with them. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks tons and tons everyone! Doc did throat culture...might be strep? We'll see tomorrow... either way....I'm hoping I'll be feeling better with all your well wishes and prayers by this weekend for the 2nd Saturdayz Show. I SO want to go, and would feel terrible to ditch my sis, mom, and Kim to do it all without my it's a big job. Anyway...getting lots of sleep/water/sympathy from my little guys ;)

    Am heading over now to see Sarah's blog with the pictures I sent her! So glad they are being appreciated by others! :)


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