Monday, May 9, 2011

A True Deer Story : Struggle for Survival

Gracefully Grazing Doe; Wesley Asher
Did you ever have one of those strange moments you can't quite explain?
You know...those good but goosebump moments...the ones you truly can't explain away?
I had this lovely vintage brass deer listed over at my shop
and just the other day I noticed that she (the doe) had sold. I promptly went over to get the information and saw this lovely letter attached to the sales receipt.
I had to ask the gal who was buying the deer if I could share her story....and thankfully she agreed.
Here's what Bonnie writes:

" I was in a car accident in the woods and I was trapped in a ditch for hours before anyone saw me (I almost died). I heard branches crackle, and I opened my eyes to see that a deer had come up to the car window and was staring at me through the glass. She was chewing grass. I blinked, "Go. Get. Help." she stared at me for awhile but then she backed away to graze some more. I closed my eyes again to rest. A few minutes later, I heard more branches breaking, and when I opened my eyes again, there was a man looking in the window exactly where the deer had been."
 Deer are very important to me.
 I cannot wait to have her on the very important bookshelf.
 Warmly~ bonnie
I know.
Goosebumps right?
Bonnie is really great for letting me share this story.
I didn't pry to ask how she interpreted this experience...but I know that the good Lord has many ways of helping us and communicating with us...and one can't deny that this is a miraculous story.
Just thought you all would enjoy hearing it.
It really brightened my day when I got it...hopefully it will brighten yours.
I'm still feeling a little under the weather....if you're the praying type, please say a little extra one for me as I have alot on my plate this week, and need to get well soon.
Thanks my dearies!

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  1. Love this story. I can see why the deer is important to her.


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