Monday, June 6, 2011

Buttons and To Do Lists...

Sea of Buttons
Just a fun little glimpse of the buttons I found at
show I went to this past weekend.
I am SO busy trying to get caught up on all that needs to be accomplished after being gone over the weekend.
I was feeling so overwhelmed by all that I needed to get done this week...and even just today.
 I ended up joining a group on
Called 52 lists in 52 weeks put on by
this is what I came up with for todays first list:
I'm doing pretty good so far...the chocolate bar is FINALLY finished! WHEW! Ugh....that was difficult!
I've read to my little Elliot...
I took and edited the photos...
I did two...actually three blog posts...
I have the package half way packed...
I only need to make that button bracelet & clean something...hmmm....uh hold on...
...yep, my glasses are really clean now!
Mission Accomplished!
This list stuff is super easy!
Maybe next week I'll have to take this a bit more seriously?
Cheerio Chicas!

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  1. This was a splendid post and you truly made me smile!

    Would you post a picture if you get around to making that button bracelet? I for one would love to see it!



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