Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chaps in Spokane,Washington... Farm Chick Heaven!

Howdy everyone!
I'm back for just a moment from the
hustle and bustle of life to bring you a little glimpse of what our weekend was like over in Spokane, Washington at
Here I'm going to show you our favorite place to kick back, relax, and eat after a long day of driving or junking:
Which was featured on National Television by
Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives by Guy Fieri.
 Oh my stars! This place was an absolute oasis for us after the 7 hour drive to Spokane from Lynden!
 We were even able to sit outside both nights that we went and ate there! It was Awesome!!!
We all wish that there was a place to eat outside like this in one of our great restaurants here in Lynden...but then....we'd actually have to have sunshine here once in awhile too!
For those of you who don't know that only the Western side of Washington state (Seattle side) is constantly covered in rain showers....I should probably tell you that the Eastern side of our great State is normally much drier and much more regularly SUNNY!!!!
 We all felt right at home at this super country chic restaurant, bar, bakery, and coffee shop!
It was freakin' awesome!
The decor was to die for....and the live band was
I wish I could've gotten more pictures of the place for you....but it was simply packed with people....and there was just NO WAY!
 If you are EVER in simply MUST STOP at this really awesome place!!!
Serena, founder of the Farm Chicks recommends it herself
 I thought it was funny how the two restrooms were labled "Me" and "You".
Once I was ME and once I was You.
Funny huh?
Even the restrooms were decorated to the nines!
You would love it!!!
I've never seen anything like it in all my days of shoppin', junkin, and travelin'!
I've also never seen anything like this before either...
La Von....
To top off all the wierdness of being cooped up in a car together for way too long....and wandering aimlessly junking for hours....
I'm just glad I'm the one wielding the camera around....this bizarre sort of behavior runs in my family.
You should've seen the SIZE of the COUCH that ate our Mother while we were at our hotel!!!!
Well, that is a whole other that if I tell it....means I may never inherit a penny....and may even be thrown out of the will alltogether!
Oh we had so much fun!!!
I only wish you could've been a part of it.
Soon I will bring you more photos of the show itself.

Tomorrow I will be heading to
Children's Hospital for an MRI with our oldest son Tristan.
Please be patient with me as posting here is honestly the last thing on my mind when MRI's are concerned.
If you would be willing to pray for us, that would be much appreciated.
We won't have results until early July after the Doctors have all had a chance to go over the data together.
So, please pray for patience as well.
I really appreciate it.
You guys are the


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous, I'm so jealous!

    I'm praying for your baby boy - I just read some of your older posts about the situation and I am in awe of your amazing attitude - you and your son have inspired me! You have shown me what true faith is...which is exactly what I needed to hear right now. So just know that you are appreciated, you are truly an inspiration, even beyond the creativity, and you are in my prayers.


  2. LOL I wonder if the "You" gets used often.....I am glad you had som uch fun!

    Still praying fro Tristan, and do not worry about blogging.....we'll be here when you get around to it!

  3. You ladies are awesome! Thanks so much for the encouragement & prayers. You could really NEVER know how much I appreciate signing on and finding these lovely words from you.

    We had a good trip to Seattle Childrens' Hospital. The MRI went well (especially since Tristan does not get sedated) and our traffic was very light.

    Tristan LOVES to go junkin' on the way home (I've trained him well!) so we hit a few junk shops and found some really great finds! He and I are like peas in a pod in junk shops! I just love that we can laugh and find goodies together even on these "yucky" sorts of days.

    Thanks again girls, you mean so much to me!


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