Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Quick Update....

Hovander Homestead Park in Ferndale, Washington
As you all know from my last post, I am taking a day or so off from posting....but I thought I'd give you a quick update:
Tristan and I went to Children's Hospital in Seattle for his MRI today.
( He has Linear Schleroderma en coup de Sabre; an autoimmune disease in the Rheumetalogical Family.)
They were checking the growth of his lesion, and will make the decision as to whether or not to continue his light chemo treatments (which he's been on for over 2 years now).
We won't have the final decision until the first week of we must be patient for all the doctors to go over the information from todays' tests.
the day went very well.
Not only did we have light traffic, we were in and out of the Hospital in less than 2 hours!
God is good!

the first thing he asked to do???
"Mom, can we go junkin'???" son is a boy after my own heart!
We high tailed it out of the city and went to our favorite country dives and did some great junkin' together.
We are like peas in a pod when just the two of us are out junkin'.
My youngest would've been ok for a little while....but Tristan (7) can junk for hours and never get tired.
However, we kept this day to a minimum since he had been through so much already.
He had an I.V. today for the "contrast" fluid which had to be injected...and blood testing done as well.
He is SUCH a trooper!
I just wanted to check in with all of you to let you know that I'd be back soon to posting more about the
Farm Chicks show.
In the mean time you can enjoy the photo above of the beautiful barn and outbuildings located at a local park I went to with my youngest son on his recent field trip.
Ahhhh don't you love the country?!
Back again soon!


  1. What a delight! Proverbs says that a son brings joy to his mother!! :) Glad all went well, now we'll just keep praying for GREAT results!! See you in the A.M.

  2. Send you some love and prayers. xoxoxo hugs

  3. I am glad things went well for you and Tristan @ the hospital, and that y'all enjoyed your day of junkin' together. :D


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