Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Day Finds...

Oh it's Monday...and it's raining....I have always felt June days filled with rain should be Blue.
Here's just a few new Blue items from Wesley Asher for your day whether it is raining where you are or not.
I'm in a pleasant don't worry about me being blue....I'm just having a difficult time getting up and moving this morning after a weekend filled with so much to do.
Shopping for new chicks, butchering the fryers, baking chickens, making soups....what???
I've never told you about  our chickens???
Yep...we've got em!
We made a pact with the boys that if they could raise fryers for 8 weeks without neglecting them or slacking off...then we could get some layers.
Guess what?!?!
They did an excellent job of raising the fryers...and my hubby did the butchering ( didn't think I'd be out there with a knife did ya???) The boys handled the butchering just fine (my hubby is a pro at butchering as an avid archery hunter and fisherman) so....since our freezer is full of tasty poultry at the moment....I made some yummy homemade chicken noodle soup!
we had to go pick out our new little laying chicks!
We have 6 layers
....wait for it....
.....wait for it....
We are going to try to raise that little one for Thanksgiving Dinner.
My boys are all into this in a big way!
I'm just excited for the fresh eggs. They are really wonderful!
So....I'll have to post in the future about our little'll like to meet them I'm sure!
For now...
I'm off to pack an absolute BUNCH of orders from my Etsy sales this past weekend.
I'll be back with more soon...I promise!


  1. Wow how exciting, and a turkey for thanksgiving, that sounds great xxx

  2. love the blue post...and the old tin with the flowers on.


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