Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Granny Glasses for ME!?!?!

Hey Everyone!!!
I am finally putting up a picture of me in my new glasses!
I can't believe it's possible for me to be wearing "progressives"
(uh hem....hello....can you say...BI-FOCALS???)
at the young...young...YOUNG
age of
Oh well...it could be so much worse you know.
Anyway...just thought I'd do a really quick post as you can see below....
that I have SO MUCH TO DO!
This week will remain a bit crazy with the last of school things going on and all the fun of summer hustle and bustle starting.
Next week I'll be working on getting the boys' rooms in order as we have moved Tristan into his new room!
I can't wait to take "styled" photos of the room!!!
It turned out SO awesome!!!
Well, as always you know I'll be back with more to come....so stay tuned ok?
I love you guys!
What's on your to do list this week?


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I can't wait to hear from you!!!