Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello Again!

 Hi there everyone!
I'm so excited to be back here commenting again.
Thanks so much for all your help in getting me back up and running after the no commenting issue I was having with Blogger.
I am here to say:
Happy JUNE!
The photo above is entitled " Perfection " as I believe you can see why.
My husband picked this rose for me over the weekend; it is the first rose of the season in our garden.
Don't you just love the beauty of an old fashioned rose?
We rescued this rose bush from a very old local homestead which was slated for burning by our local fire department. We've had it for over 10 years....who knows how old the bush truly is. When we found it on the acerage there, it was entwined with long vines, grasses, and remnants of past blooms. The house was so dilapidated and literally falling apart in the middle of a clearing in the remote woods. If I had a camera with me that day....and had the skills that I do now...I would've taken the time to do a "The homestead that time forgot" photoshoot. It was really neat to explore around the place. There was a risk at going inside....but we found lots of fun quirky things whilst treasure hunting. Amazingly the house had the exact same glass drawer pulls as our kitchen does (they are quite that was eerie). We didn't dare go up to the second was just a bit too rickety....and spooky! :)
  We used to do crazy stuff like that before we had kids....not that we won't ever do that again...but it may be awhile before we do. Now we go on adventures to find things that little kids like to seashells, bugs, leaves, shed antlers, bones, feathers, rocks, seaglass, bizarre pieces of garbage.....and of course pennies!!! Any money in fact is a super treasure! My now 5 year old (then 3) found a $20.00 bill while helping me weed our flowerbeds! It was buried deep into some groundcover...I would never have seen it myself! He just walked up to me and said "Look mommy, PAPER MONEY!" We promptly went and bought was what he & his brother wanted at the time.
Well, I digress.....amazing how a simple rose can spur so many memories.
Hoping you have a truly wonderful day today, I'm getting ready for a field trip tomorrow with Elliot to a local Homesteader's Park called Hovander Park. It's so unbelievable there with barns, animals, bridges, river, streams, gardens, playgrounds, lookout towers, and a beautiful old Victorian Home. It should be lots of fun.
Then, I'm off on Friday to attend the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane Washington over the weekend with some family and friends. That should be GREAT!
What are you up to now that June is officially here?
Back here again soon with more.....


  1. I'm glad you are back to being able to comment. Love that photo of the rose. I had a hectic drama filled day...going here and there and not feeling like I as getting anywhere on anything. I accomplished what I set out to do but feel like it just led me in a circle. It is really hot here already! Loved seeing the cooling image of the rose in that turquoise vase.

  2. Oh Nita, it's so wonderful to be able to comment again! I'm sorry you had such a dizzying day :(

    Hopefully tomorrow will be sit and stare at that photo as long as you need to ok? I'll wish a cool breeze fresh from the Pacific Northwest straight your way ok? :)


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