Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogger Bug...I Want to Comment But Can't....

Hey everyone...
I know this is weird...but I just wanted to apologize for not commenting back to all of you sweet readers recently...or on your blogs in reply.
Have any of you been having this problem???
Well...if you have....there is no way you're able to leave a message for me here!
How Strange this all is, I've been desperately trying to let
Emma Lamb know how much I'm sorry she's feeling sick.
Wish Ilaria a Happy Birthday!
ETC..... all over the Bloggersphere!
I'm SO frustrated!
However, I'm not alone according to the help forums at Blogger Central.
Apparently Blogger is trying to fix this
problem, and has not found the solution as of yet.
Unfortunately, this is really not very much fun for me.
I love to comment back to you all either via my blog or yours!
If anyone has figured this out....please let me know.
Otherwise feel free to continue to comment here, knowing of course that I care...and would love to comment back if I could!
if you're in this boat with me (unable to comment) just send me good vibes & I'll know that you're out there girlfriend!!!
If they fix it soon....I'll be back to commenting lickety split.
Funny how I can still post however?!
Just to leave on a nice note....
The photo above is of a lovely stroll with my boys through the park the other day...
the photo below is of the great bits of seaglass we found on the beach at another park over the
Memorial Day Weekend!
I hope you have enjoyed your weekend!
I know I have!
Hopefully back here with more soon...
Trish :)


  1. I guess I am one of the lucky ones....keep my fingers crossed for you all. Hugs and love. xoxox

  2. Trish, I was having this problem on and off this week and then I also lost all my followers and the widget twice this week as well! Everything seems to be working now though so hopefully it works for you soon!

  3. How strange! I'm sorry that you have been unable to comment!

    I love the photograph of the bits of sea-glass!

    Here's to hoping that my comment goes through and that everyone will soon be returned the capability to comment.

  4. hope they fix this soon-i haven't had this problem yet-crosses fingers ...take care

  5. I have been having the same problem myself. When it asks you to sign in you need to uncheck the keep me signed in box and it will then allow you to leave comments. Hope this helps : ) xxx

  6. GEM....I DON'T KNOW HOW TO THANK-YOU!!!!! IT WORKED!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Whoo Hooooooo!!!!


    Thanks everyone for commenting, I've missed being able to "talk" with you....I hope to get back to you really soon...right now I'm off to work, so I'll be back in a dash tomorrow! :)


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