Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Treasury Escape

Just dropping in to share a few Treasuries I've created today... and just a few of the Treasuries I've been featured in over this weekend, as I'm taking the day off!

Yet another...

...and that's the last one by me.
you gotta see these:




It's so difficult to choose my favorites....there are so many to choose from!
I'm so blessed to be featured in so many Treasuries on Etsy, it helps me to get to know lots of other folks over there....and see their gorgeous products!

I hope you enjoy your Holiday was brought to you by many Men and Women who've served this Great Country so well....don't forget....REMEMBER.

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  1. I am loving everything I find over here today....went 2nd hand shopping this morning...found the sweetest sewing basket and thought of you...I will take a photo of it and share with you soon.



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