Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Farm Chicks...Oh YES We Are!!!

The Farm Chicks

Hello Everyone!
Just dropping by to ask if any of you are heading to the BEST show in the West next week???
I AM!!!!!!
I can't wait for our fun girls' weekend away at the
Spokane, Washington
(which is just accross the mountains from us here in Western it's 400 miles from where I live....but's SO totally worth it!).
I adore the Farm Chicks show!
You'll have to check out some of my past posts:
 We LOVED it SO much!!!
I truly hope if you live in the area, that you can experience such a fun show like Farm Chicks!
is such a nice gal, and although I've only met her once and emailed with her a few times YEARS ago when the show was REALLY different....I can tell you that she is VERY down to earth and really sweet.
I would tend to say....she would be a kindred spirit sorta gal.
We like the nice ones don't we?
I love to see women succeed in this world who are good at setting lovely examples for others....I think she's made of THAT sort of metal.
Make sure you check out the online sources....even if you can't go.
You won't be sorry you did!

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  1. I just made hotel res. for my girls and I to go....yes I'm pulling them out of school with just a week an a half to go, but a mom has'ta do what a mom has'ta do! right!
    We will look for ya!


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