Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mason Jars & A Bountiful Flower Harvest

I took an afternoon and played a little hookie for an hour or so....
 I hadn't played or worked out in the garden for quite some time...just drive by if you're local and you'll be able to tell...the weeds are beginning to take over!
So I did a little weeding....when I say a little....I really mean a little.
 I became distracted....very distracted.......
 The flowers just kept calling to me...Trisha.....TRRRRRISHAAAAA.....
 Well.....I just couldn't stand it....I had to cave in.....&.....
I'm so happy I did! Loving the simple charming bouquet which is now gracing my kitchen counter.
Now if I only had the free time to dawdle on down the road with the wind in my hair riding my vintage Raleigh....oh well....maybe another day.
For now....I will bury my nose in my lovely bouquet and sniff away on those honey scented butterfly bush blooms!
If you would like to see a rather sad little taping of my extremely unsteady hand putting this bouquet together, you can watch the video on You Tube below.
I would like to tell you that I'm a professional at taping...but alas....I am not.
I do think however, that it's kinda fun to see how all the flowers came together.
I do love the flowers!


  1. Caving is okay when there are such gorgeous flowers calling ~ Thanks for sharing them!

  2. i would love to see those flowers on my table!! i am sure everytime you look at them it makes you happy!!


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