Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Summer Experience on Eliza Island Washington USA

 Ah the San Juan Islands.... if you've ever been to Washington State or British Columbia Canada, you've probably been to the San Juans or Vancouver Island. If you missed've missed the jewels of the entire area.
The natural rugged beauty of the Puget Sound are full of all kinds of flora, fauna, & marine life that will blow your mind. My hubby is a diver and although you'll never catch me under the water that way...I've heard tall tales of Killer Orca Whales, Seals, Giant Pacific Squid & even ginormous Octopus!
He is much more brave than I I stick to collecting shells washed up on the beach, as well as sea glass, and really awesome driftwood. ( I prefer roots the best....they're really contorted & interesting).
This post is a tribute to our weekend on
 The islands have numerous wonderful draws to visitors...especially in the summertime.
My absolute favorite spots in the Islands are:
(in no order of importance)
I could go on and on!!!!
There is SO MUCH TO DO HERE!!!
Did you know that the San Juans are rated #2 Place to go in 2011 by the
For reals!
 There are beautiful views in every direction...
 Here's my hubby Chad giving Elliot a much walking and sightseeing for a 5 year old makes for tired legs!
 Boats, Boats, Everywhere Boats!
 This tree holds an Eagles' Nest...the rugged landscape is so awesome!
 Here's a photo of Grandpa & Grandma Brinks Home on the Island.
Isn't it awesome???
 Grandpa has the best collections....
 & he's trying his hand at carvings too!
 There are fun things like rope swings....and even a Zip Line (which I'll show you later).
 You can go for walks in the cool woods...

...or sun yourself on the runway with the planes!
 We like combing the beaches for treasures....we pick up all kinds of things....but the rock must stay put...isn't this a lovely capture!?
 Olive the wonder dog likes to sun herself and rest on a "bed" of Sea Kelp.
 Elliot offered me a "jelly dohnut"....I didn't try it....but oh are these jellies so much fun to find!
This kind is safe to stings here!
 Tristan is a master at spotting things in the water....we look and may even touch certain things...but we always put them back where they came from.
I decided not to show you the Gartner Snake I happened to find....he stayed where I found him with no touching at all!
 Wading in the water is always a favorite!
 It always feels so nice to get your tootsies wet on a hot day!
All in all we had a great time out in the Islands.
My boys are always on the move & off to the next fun thing....just to prove it I've added a few great videos for those of you who get a kick outta watching boys being silly....& even a little daredevilish too!
Enjoy, and thanks for sharing the vacation with me!

The Zipline Experience at Grandpa Brink's on Eliza Island Washington State USA
Now...the Down Hill Wagon-Coaster Ride!

Let me know if you're planning a visit to the San Juans anytime soon...and I can help point you in the right direction of some great places to see off the beaten path.


  1. Wow, looks like you have had an awesome time, some gorgeous photos. We used to have one of those zip lines at our local park, it used to give us hours of fun, it has been taken away now which is a shame, no doubt something to do with health and safety which they are so hot on over here, it's insane xxx

  2. Oh Gem....what a bummer! I figure it's always someone who does something dumb who ends up spoiling all the fun for everyone else. Or those who believe in suing for every little thing. SO sad. Not that they aren't dangerous...but you know what you're getting yourself into when you get on right? ;)


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