Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wallpaper is BACK in a Really Retro Way!

 I've been busy working on getting some photos I took some time ago up and listed on Etsy this morning, and figured you might like a little glimpse?
I've been collecting and ok....hoarding....rolls of some of the kitchy-est wallpapers around.
 ....I finally decided to list some of them on Etsy.
The colors from the Mid Century are SO BACK IN!
As well as the general idea to use wallpapers again!
I am loving the idea to mix wallpapers in collage form for lots of different applications.
 Closet doors, accent walls, and even furniture!
 Here's a photo showing one of the best options I've seen so far:
This lovely office space is by
Who is the Queen of Kitch!
Find her blog
I'll keep working to upload the tons of stuff I can hardly ever seem to get uploaded...but I'm so glad when I do.
It's so fun to see an idea come to fruition...a picture in my head turned realization on Etsy...or anywhere really!
I hope you can break out of the summer doldrums and find something new and fun to perk up your day!

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  1. I love this post! I recently wallpapered a feature wall in our art studio. I love it :D


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