Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gravensteins Oh How You Bring Me Back...

If you know what one is....then I really don't think you'll need to read this post....
'cause you'll just
However...if you are unaware of what a Gravenstein Apple is, then you should stick around!
In my honest opinion...there is no other apple which captures the
crisp tart sweetness of
other than the humble
the Gravenstein apple doesn't travel or last very well.
They are the apple to eat be savored during a sunny
Indian Summer afternoon
in September.
If you search your local
Farmer's Markets,
You may be lucky enough to find someone who would share some?!
Good Luck!
I have such wonderful memories of picking Gravensteins up off the ground at my grandma and grandpa's home.
Their tree was HUGE
(or at least it felt like it to me!)
The Gravensteins were like
If one fell, it was ok to eat...but never, never should you try to climb the tree and pick one!
Horror of all horrors!
Gravensteins weren't just any ol', they were the best of the best!
They were made into every possible concoction that my grandma could think up.
My personal favorite was:
Grandma Stremler's Apple Sauce Cake
When we purchased our home just over 10 years ago
( a 1913 Craftsman Bungalow)
We were thrilled to find a Gravenstein Tree!
I knew instantly that I would be content to call this place my just felt
"right" to have a Gravenstein Tree in my yard.
Now that I have little ones who can appreciate the
"finer things in life",
I do the same thing my grandma did:
Which is,...first make apple sauce...then cake!
Elliot and I realized that the chickens were pretty
in the backyard one day....and after much
we found the chickens
(and Fuzzy the Turkey)
gobbling up our apples off the ground!
OH NO NO! I cried!
Those are OUR apples!!!
we captured our little cluckers
(and our one BIG gobbler)
and put them back where they couldn't get our precious

The sad unfinished chicken coop.
If you see my husband....tell him I really want it finished soon...the chickens should start laying anytime now...and I want to celebrate with an attractive coop in my back yard!
There is supposed to be a cupboard with doors under the nesting box for feed,
some trim, board & battens, & especially stain!
I want cute little shrubs
a little sign too!
We'll see when that happens!
My hubby has been hunting for almost 2 weeks!
The good news?
He shot his Bull Elk (5x5 point) at about 35 yards with a bow and arrow!
our freezer is
We'll see when the chickens....who lay humble eggs....will get their due!
Stay tuned.....

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