Friday, October 21, 2011

Good News, Busy News, & GOD NEWS!

 Hey everyone....yep...I've been a little busy lately.
Been slackin' off from the personal blog posts....
I've been crazy busy doing all sorts of other things....
...most of which revolve guessed it:
our soon to be open online shop!
This is VERY GOOD news!

 One of the things I've been busiest at is
photographing all the lovelies!
Speaking of which, meet Becky.
Becky is this amazingly beautiful girl who happens to also be the daughter of our
Floor Manager Kim!
Don't you agree that she's just a cute as a button?!
I was SO happy that she decided to help us out in the modeling department!
After all....our cute accessories
(now available in the brick and mortar shop)
will need to look their best for their debut online!
I'm SO pleased with how all the photos have turned out!
I think folks will love having the option to add a cute hat or scarf to their
purchase of home decor items.
Or these cuties will make great gifts for the Holidays!
We just love hats and scarves at our shop.
Before long it will be winter:

and we will be glad we snatched up a cozy scarf or hat to keep us toasty and warm.
Well I'm off to do some more work for
I'll try stopping by for updates as my time schedule allows...
I love and miss you guys!
Bear with me at this crazy time of the year for us...
I'll be back chit chattin' with you all before you know it!
I just thought I should let you know
(so as not to leave you hanging from my last quickie post)
that my son Tristan got good news via our
Children's Hospital visit this past week:
No more Methotrexate Shots!
(chemo treatments via low doses)
This poor boy has been on these shots for over 2 years
(for a very rare and unpredictable disease called Linear Schleroderma en coup de sabre)
 and he's ready to be off them!
Now he'll just take the meds in pill form with the possibility of coming off of them completely!
Thanks for all your support, prayers, and kind words on Tristan's behalf,
they are much appreciated!

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